Exploring activities ……….

You’re retired, you’ve spent the vacation money on a major trip of a lifetime so now for the rest of the year what can you do that won’t break the bank   ? I’m going to share with you a couple of recreation suggestions to explore. The question comes up on what kind of fun you want to have. I like to vary it, some active fun, some educational and some  constructive enjoyment. All have the people component.  By the way reading, writing and watching TV are not social activities.                                                         In our city our Natural History Museum hosts a great number of societies in their auditorium. Most of these are open to the interested public free of charge. If there was one society that you visit more than twice you may find the membership person is your best friend until you join.  All of the organizations pay for the use of  that facility  and that is why they encourage you to join.           Now speaking about joining.. This is almost the best deal in town. One of the organizations I belong to costs about twenty dollars for the year and that gives me seven indoor top quality presentations and from four to ten out door field trips.  They only extra  cost is gas for the field trips and maybe coffee stops.  Not too shabby eh!                          You are getting educated, making new friends and best of all ‘moving’ your body .                                                             Now the best deal in town – depending what major city or community you are from the numbers will vary. The best deal in town is called MEETUP . This is NOT a dating service but an organization that has many interest  groups. The one for my city has 100 different groups to join. The best deal is that most of them don’t cost anything to take part in .  The subjects are many – history, sketching groups, photography, hiking, dining, cooking, nudity ( yeah you saw it right) travel and the list goes on and on.. Of course the dining out ones will cost but there are many of the groups that are of no cost.   How to find and join one of their groups all you have to do is go to Meetup.com and then type in your nearest city. It is as easy as that. You do have to give them some of your information to have access to membership. It is well worth a look at. Have a great time.                                         In later blog posts I’ll explore a few other less costly activities that get you up off your favorite TV seat and get you out of the house.  You aren’t dead yet.!!!!!!    I know I’m not.   ‘til next time    Senior in the kitchen.

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