I had no choice when I chose to relocate from a home to an apartment leaving the garden and the freedom to step out side just by opening the door. My whole life was spent in  two story houses, married and single life and it was life altering to relocate to an apartment. I didn’t have great thoughts of living in one imagining the smelly hallways, noise from up above, people in the hall and so on.

What a surprise I was in for!  I had heard about a great landlord who owned many building and no one had said anything bad about his buildings. I had heard that they were well contructed.. You can ask why did I care, well if they are well built you don’t get drafts and with the steel and cement all around me, there is no draft, and no noise at all. Only the birds sounding off out in the woods nearby.

My building has underground parking.. Exciting in snowy weather to get in a car that is about 70F. and snowfree. I got used to that real fast.

Some retired people have heart problems and the first thing the cardiolagist tells you is ‘no snow shoveling and no digging in the garden’. I spoke with a couple of the parimedics and they realy warned me to follow the doctors orders. Apperently many people and in particular men feel very well and first snow fall they get out shoveling. I can’t blame them. Imagine the man of the house has always done the shoveling and now he is suppose to be hands off and watch his wife do it instead.  Not going to happen ! Mr Parimedic says that they get lots and lots of callson the first snowfall and many of the snow shoveliers don’t live to see the next snow fall. Right away you know you have no choice but to move if you fit that scenario.

Some people are fortunate and can hire a company to keep the sidewalk and driveway clear. That’s great and more power to you. Will they lug in the logs for your fireplace or wood stove? maybe dig the garden and mow the lawn.   My building is filled with former home owners and most are happy to not have to worry about snow, leaves needing raking, gardening, roof shingles and siding taking a flyby in a wind storm, leaky windows and all these things happen eventualy.

It is so nice to be worry free.  One note here. I had to go to one floor living due to not doing steps well since a heart problem. My quality of life is so much better now. Bills are cut back considerably and yes one can begrudge the rent but I don’t feel it is out of line when I compare it to owning a house and all the problems that could arise.

In my next blog I’ll talk about the downsizing and decluttering. Trust me it is not easy if you are a slight hoarder ( like me) but it is necessary and not as bad as you think.  Til then  start looking around to see what can go elsewhere…. your SeniorintheKitchen…….

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