Free Advertising-wanted or not?

I get riled up whenI see a high end car (usually the rear end of it ) and it’s wonderful outline marred by a dealers decal boldly stuck to the trunk area advertising which dealership this expensive car came from. It mars the whole concept of a nice car.  Especially when it isn’t even a quality decal.

The question that comes to mind is  – does the dealer take some dollars off the price of the vehicle in order for you to drive around  advertising his business ? I can bet NOT! So why should we let our cars be marked up with this garbage and not get compensation? Think about it. The dealerships are getting away with free advertising. This is just food for thought.

The dealers may have learned from the big name sport brands or was it the other way round?It shocks me when everyone goes out and pays big, big bucks for sneakers, jackets, shirts and sweatshirts all boldly advertising the maker of the product. The public buy into this and great sales perpetuate this practise.

I for one would rather not have my car marked up or wear a clothing item with a brand name front and centre. If I have to have a brand or business name front and centre then pay me for the privilege .

your Senior in the Kitchen !

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