Gout not goat

We have always heard that ‘rich’ living causes gout i.e.  lovely red wine, rich food with sauces, the best seafood, succulent red meat and very rich desserts. Well  I have gout and have had it on a regular basis since the fall. I think it adds up to about five times afflicted. If I lived ‘rich’ than I am having a big senior memory moment !

The first couple of times the gout afflicted my big toe on the right foot. Does it really make a difference which one? YES!  This is my drivers foot and the pain can be and is so horrible that you wouldn’t want to use your foot driving let alone applying the break in a hurry. OUCH! This gout thing was so bad that each time, after the first warning signs, I couldn’t walk for a week and was bed ridden without the bed sheet touching the toe. This last time it affected mostly my left foot and ankle.

I remember phoning the doctor and leaving a message. Well, she left a message back telling me she had the flu and to go to a walk in clinic.. I couldn’t walk so how in blazes was I to go to a walk in clinic! I contemplated an ambulance briefly, well more than briefly. This last time I was afflicted I got smart and darn hungry and to get to the wash room and the kitchen (remember I couldn’t walk for a week ) I crawled to my office and sat in the wonderful computer chair and wheeled that out of the room and it was my feet for a couple of days..Oh what a wonderful sense of freedom! The walls may never be the same as the chair liked to go into spins and the arms quite often hit the walls leaving black marks. And that is saying nothing about the sound it created wheeling up my halls on the bare floor. My down stairs neighbours had to be thrilled when someone brought me a wheelchair.

Eventually I got the drugs I needed and the first meds took the inflammation away – mostly.  It is not a quick fix! The second dose of drugs is on going and it is supposed to bust the uric acid crystals so that I can have a normal amount instead of the great amount that I have.


( The very red skin on the side of the big toe is a classic sign of gout. The skin will peel after the gout inflammation has gone. )

Since starting this article, I have had the gout once again, this time in the left ankle and foot. Yup horrible! This time I was able to go to the emergency hospital and there they discussed what drugs to give me to take the inflammation down. In the meantime they gave me one that I had before but oh my,this time the drug started working within  hours. Oh joy ,oh bliss. When the pain goes away it does make one appreciate having useful feet that can be used for walking. Never thought I would appreciate walking so much.

On a good note, this gout is treatable. I have one drug that knocks or busts the uric acid crystals and it is  working. When does the gout go away ? The ER doctor tells me it will go when the crystals are all gone. In the meantime a diet of non acidic foods helps and that means no tea or coffee or soda pop. Juice too. It makes life a bit dreary but hey better then enduring horrible pain and not being able to walk.

As a warning, if you get an unexplained pain in your toe,foot,ankle, knee or hand go to the doctor and ask about gout. More and more people seem to be affected by it and not just us seniors.

Your Senior in the Kitchen.



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