Free Money

I’m not big on having cards for every store I buy from but one I really like is Super Store or as we know it from our debit card – PCFinancial. I obtained a Pc bank account and debit card many years ago now. My sister talked me into it and at the time this deal was almost too good to be true.  Well over the years it has proved me wrong and it stayed not just a good deal but a great one !

No fee banking is what they advertise and that is exactly what you get.  As long as you use their bank machines or CIBC ( they administer PC) then it costs nothing to deposit or withdraw money. And you get free cheques as well!  The downside is – don’t bounce a check because that is where they make their money. It is really , really  expensive!

I like the fact that I get interest, ok it’s not great but still it is something. The wonderful  part besides being cost free from fees is that every time I use the debit card I seem to accumulate points towards free groceries . I use Super Store pharmacy  primarily not because I gain points but it is convenient and friendly. And the bonus is that I keep accumulating points with every pharmacy purchase.

Today was a good example. I ran the card and the pharmacist let me know how many points I had just earned. I didn’t pay attention because it isn’t a big thing with me. In other words I don’t make it my life mission to chase points from any company. I did get excited  when I was checking out my groceries and the teller asked if I wanted to use the $40.00 of free money I had accumulated.  Now we’re talking!

DSC00818It was very much like Christmas morning and Santa bringing me $40.00 worth of free groceries .

There are many other cards out in our buying world, I don’t proclaim to know what they all are because as I previously stated I don’t care to chase down points  and in fact I generally hate shopping. I admit to one other card and that was suggested by the teller at Shoppers Drug Mart and it is the Optimum  card. The only reason I use it is they ask for it and when I signed up (I had a great sales clerk) they gave me a very small card for my key ring. If not for that I wouldn’t use it. Having said that ; I buy from Shoppers only when necessary. Imagine this –  one evening I was in purchasing a few necessaties and at the check out the teller mentioned I had ten dollars free merchandise and did I want to apply it to  my bill. YES! That was effortless and my kind of savings !

The message that I am giving in this missive is for you to take the companies up on their offer of a savings card but only the businesses that you frequent often. Otherwise you will become over burdaned with pastic and we all carry enough cards as it is. But when you get the rebates back that I’ve been getting , thru no effort of mine, it is worth it. Nobody wants to turn down free money.

Your Senior in the Kitchen.


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