Environmental and tree reads

There is a movement afoot to save our Crown owned lands (that’s us the taxpayer by the way) from being raped and plundered by the foresters. The tendency these days is to clear cut a forest and also take any wood products that usualy get left on the ground and chip it . Nothing is left except for raw torn up soil that is prone to run off. This affects the soil, insects, animals who lived there and the birds. To say nothing of what is does to any nearby streams.There is an essential balance to our forests and this total clear cutting throws the balance off it’s  kilter. The land will probably never recover it’s originial healthy balance.

Quite a few years ago I published a video on You Tube. To find it search for MsNaturefirst and rape of the land. You will find more than my video there as well.It shows what the land looks like after clear cutting.

The foresters will tell you that they let a new forest grow back up after clear cutting but that is not always the case. They used to fly over the ‘new’ forest a few years after clear cutting and spray with a product that killed all the leafy trees and left only the soft wood trees to come up. What they cut down is generaly hardwood land and now they are encouraging a softwood forest in it’s place.  This changes everything about the soil  pH , the animals, the birds and insects and waterways. All are different. It is not natural.

If they were to leave the hardwood to grow up, they wouldn’t be able to harvest quite so soon. Softwood grows faster hence the reason for encouraging that type of tree.The land suffers here and everything accompanying it.All you have to do is follow a lumber truck in the northern end of our province to see the twigs that they are now resorting to harvesting. This is their new grown forest product.

I am no expert on this subject but  I have listened to the experts and they in turn suggested some good books to read to educate myself on this subject. Mainly they are books about trees and the environment.


(This lovely  tree is to be found in one of our Provincial Parks. Parks may be where the public one day have to visit to see mature trees.) 

Recommended reading:

The first book has been written by Linda Pannozzo . This is a small book, easy to carry in a bag to read anywhere and it is called  The Environment . It is full of facts and I think it should be part of the high school reading lists.

The second book is called The Hidden Life of TREES  written by Peter Wohlleben.  This book is about what trees feel and how they communicate. It is also a New York Times bestseller.

The third book I found on my own and it is  Natures’s Temples ( The complex world of old-growth forests) written by Joan Maloof. It is published by Timber Press. It is a very good read.

(These books can be ordered on line at Amazon.ca. But first support your local book store or better yet see if they come in an electronic version. )

I’m not expecting any of my readers to become activists to save our Crown Lands but I wish you to become informed and then question your political leaders. We all know that the ‘squeeky wheel gets the grease’ so lets grease those wheels and save our Crown Lands. Every little bit helps make the road to success smoother.

ps. I am not against cutting mature trees selectively just the absolute clearing of any piece of Crown Lands and then leaving nothing to rot and replenish the forest floor. As long as any of us read a magazine, book or newspaper there will be a need for pulp to make paper and the foresters will use that demand to cut our Crown Lands to the bare soil.

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