A Food Critique Rant



I’m on a bit of a rant here. I am a so so cook, my biggest claim to fame is reading cookbooks not following the recipes. I just figure I’ll get it right just from reading and for the most part I do ok. I raised two strapping boys who weren’t starved looking or had malnutrition .

So here is the rant. I recently made a chicken stew and gave a bowl to a friend who is not a good cook but has to cook to survive. I thought he would like a change and this stew came out with a nice broth and the usual vegetables but I used barley instead of potato. My mother put barley in everything stew like and I do too. It is a thickener and I just love the taste.

He phoned to thank me and proceeded to critique it like he was a master chef or something. He mentioned that maybe I had used too much pepper and then started on the carrots. That’s when I blew up. Let’s just say he will never critique a free meal again !

Why do I even mention this?  Because he isn’t the first person I’ve come across who thinks because he can swallow food that he is an expert on the preparation, cooking and results.  In fact, these ‘expert chefs’  can hardly boil water properly. And they have the audacity to complain or compare all the while chewing the food and talking with their mouth full. Disgusting!

OK I’m finished my rant here.

Your Senior in the kitchen.





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