Decluttering some of the kitchen

Keep in mind that this blog is for mature senior people. There comes a time in your life that you have to downsize the stuff in your kitchen. Well there is one way of getting out of this chore and I know I much prefer to carry on with life , not leave it.

What stuff in the kitchen am I writing about?  Well, lets start with the dishes. How many sets do you have? How many do you use and how often? Do you even like them, one or all of the sets? That makes you think a bit I would think!

When I moved into my apartment the friend who was helping me, a guy (they have a different mind set, maybe not a bad thing in the end) , decided I had too many dishes and most were not even part of a set. Having raised two boys it was astonishing that I even had dishes left let alone this mishmash of them. Some had memories and I fought to keep these dishes. I have a sort of set that was my grandmothers. They are lovely and a pretty colour, just not enough for more than one course. Another set that won the right to move with me was from my mother and I can have four at the table for two courses and tea.

Now for the everyday plates I have sturdy supposedly non breakable . None of these sets take up much room and if I ever have a sit down gussied up dinner party then I would go to an auction and buy a whole set of older design that some family only ate off on Christmas and Easter. That works out to twice a year. I would get a deal on this purchase as everyone wants those non breakable dishes not the real fine china ones with tea cups and lots of extras. I have dreams but in reality I don’t have a lot of extra room to store them. I think  for now I’ll stick with what I have.

Seriously, i did cut back with donating about twenty , special to me, mugs. I know I still have way too many but each one has a history and I just can’t part with even one of the mugs that are still here. Some of the dishes went but these mugs stay for now.

What I did part with were mixing bowl sets. I didn’t need four and one of those I kept being a pretty blue and great for on the table serving or to take to pot luck dinners. The other set is 50’s era and I just like it. If I ever decide to bake things than I know i’ll use one of the three bowls. In the mean time I use my giant measuring cup for mixing. I have three sizes of those to cook with too. They didn’t count as mixing bowls so I was able slip them past the watchful eye of my helper.  At this point I came to the realization that men can be nags too ! it isn’t saved for us women to be charged with.

In the end I did declutter a lot but I am not doing without.  The pots and pans pretty well stayed even if I may have too many. But how can you have too many pots and pans I ask?  Have fun when you get to declutter. Start looking now at what you are willing to part with and when you do I suggest donating to Goodwill or Salvation Army. If they don’t give your kitchen stuff away then at least the money goes right back into the comunity.  Have fun!

Your Seniorinthekitchen

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