Withdrawal good or bad

Recently I had a billing discrepancy  with my WFii and TV server. The bill wasn’t what I was quoted, it was much more in fact. I had to pay up because I could not find my original contract.  I still didn’t get it hooked back up as I thought I could do without TV and internet as I have internet free just down the hill at the local library.

I tried the library with my own lap top computer and it’s internet connection  was as slow as cold molasses so that option was out. The local coffee shop had  fast internet but it was too tempting with the donuts. I could see it costing me more financialy than the home service and also I could see me gaining back all the pounds that I had worked so hard to lose.

I suffered for almost a week before I called and got the service  hooked back up.

Did I miss the TV -not really. Because of not having theTV on I got a lot more writing and reading done. It was quiet and I think I even went to bed earlier. I know I was coming up with more creative ideas.

I did miss the convenience of having the internet there at any hour of the day or night for me to turn on.I wasn’t completely deprived as my phone hooks me up the internet. But  I was going thru my Data plan very quickly so that was inconvenient to have to keep turning the data off to keep me from using and abusing it.

I envey people who can do without these luxuries that we have gotten used to. I can’t see ever going without internet connection. TV I could live with out as I have done it before. Life would be so simple without either of these two mind wasters but I don’t ever see me going without again. That one week cured me of any thoughts of ‘roughing’ it!

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