Are We Having Fun Yet ?

How often have you heard retired persons state that now that they are retired they ‘have never been busier’. That could be good or bad. A percentage of retirees do nothing but stagnate and wait to die , the other percentage get busy and this is where   I question how good is that.

The retirees doing nothing but waiting to die, generally do die. There was a customer of mine that retired and he wouldn’t even pick up his dog. I asked why and his answer was ‘I’m retired’. This man sat behind a desk all his life so it wasn’t like he was giving up manual labor. The moral of the story is that within a year I was reading his obituary.

Oh the other hand we have the retirees that get involved with everything that tweak their curiosity. That can be good but I feel there has to be a good balance between fun things and intellectual things. Too many intellectual (read meetings, working for dogooder organizations) can wear you out and the fun goes out of retirement.

I ran into just this myself and having already thinned out my involvements I was surprised I was feeling overwhelmed. It wasn’t like I was doing any physical work in my chosen organizations but mental activity can wear you down considerably.  I simply wasn’t doing enough fun things. In other words there was not a happy balance.  I had to sit  back, observe and figure out why I was feeling stressed. Also I wasn’t finding the time to do the things I really wanted to do, like write this blog. Concerns for the other organizations filled my mind.

Ten years ago I could do ‘it’ all. I would’t be having this conversation with myself but age health and retirement stepped in. I’m being told to live a stress free life. Easier said than done but it is my responsibility to myself to at least try and achieve that and the answer is to do more fun things and back off of executive positions in organizations I belong to.

Have I achieved a good balance?  Lets just say that it is a work in progress.  I ask you the reader to look at your social activities and if there is an organization you aren’t get a satisfied feeling from, knock it off your list. In other words take an inventory of your social responsibilities and balance them out to what you like and enjoy being involved with. You shouldn’t waste your time with organizations that leave you shaking your head as to why you are part of them.

Life is too short to dwell in negative organizations. Clear the deck of them and enjoy life to the fullest!

Your Senior in the Kitchen

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