Service Attitude can Suck

Ever wonder why businesses don’t do well or just end up closing their doors permanently ? I can tell you one reason and the biggest most important one to me – service attitude!  It didn’t mean that  they gave poor service but the attitude of the service personnel left a lot to be desired.

One of our fast food restaurants used to advertise ‘smiles’ but I don’t recall that more recently in advertisements. Just as well as anytime I’ve been to that establishment I’ve seen anything but smiles.

Or how about someone waiting on you and they don’t make eye contact. They just barely make  verbal contact as they are busy having conversation with a co-worker. Their attention is not on the person who makes it possible for them to get a pay check.

What put me on this tangent was the service I had yesterday at a supermarket garden centre. First I couldn’t find a clerk  but yeah! there was a body behind the cash register. Was he looking our way? No. Now this may sound self centred on my part but my friend and I were the only ones in the whole place. Curiosity if nothing else should have made him (yes is was a him) look at us briefly if nothing else. We had to go up to the cash and state what we wanted and again no interaction. At this point I wasn’t asking him to sing and dance but just a bit of eye contact would have helped. And no, he didn’t look or act like a shy person, more like the captain of the football team and this service was beneath him.

Service attitude is what keeps a business experiencing repeat business.  Employers should hire for personality, friendliness and eye contact. And make sure these qualities continue. Employees should be monitored for that on a regular basis.

The supermarket won’t go out of business because of this one clerk but if many of their staff  took on his attitude then the business would suffer somewhat.

Customers need to feel valued to be return customers and the returning factor is what will keep the doors open instead of being closed by the bank. Attitude is everything!

Your Senior in the kitchen.


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