Negative is Lazy

I have determined that negative people are just plain lazy. Took awhile to come to that conclusion and you are probably wondering why I feel that way. I have a couple of friends in my life that have that problem and believe me negativity is a big problem, mostly for the positive people.

I find myself going into cheerful, positive, giddy mode when I have to converse with this horrible personality. I refuse to be caught in it and be sucked into that big black hole where there is no sunshine. Fighting this is work.

It is so damn easy to be negative, no work involved. Just keep claiming that life sucks, the weather sucks, the boss is nasty, friends blow you off and as a last resort the weather is never perfect. In fact nothing is perfect except perfect negativity!

It is so much harder to be positive. One has to qualify or defend  every positive thing you say. You have to defend your statement that the weather is perfect. The negative one has spotted a cloud in the sky and oh yes it looks like rain  coming. Defending the perfect weather is more work for you and easier for them to spot that little cloud.

Why this little rant?  i just wanted to get it off my chest that I feel negative people are lazy. It is food for thought.

Your Senior in the Kitchen.


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