Get A Life

Life is much too short to sit around wondering where life is going. Get up and get going. I know that is easier said than done but you can give it a try. I used to have a wonderful imagination for getting up to something to do. Not so much now so I need some inspiration. On a fixed income the inspiration had better be cheap or free.

In our city there is so much to go, see and do. One blog site I acame across gave a wonderful list of things to get up to. The whole list isn’t for everyone but a good many of the suggestions were worthwhile and quite inventive. This was a blog post by Sandra Currie-Sampson  .

Sandra is an adult education teacher and a very good one and one I am open to following.

A few people in my life think that I don’t do much. They don’t know me as well as they should. My mind is very active and I am always striving to learn new things. I don’t need to know everything in depth but just enough to know how it works. An instance is the web link to Sandra’s site. I didn’t know how to do that with out some help and some reading. I thought it was a hard thing to do and come to learn that it is realy easy to impliment.

I took on this pleasurable task of blogging, not knowing very much at all. I had the idea and when I heard about a MeetUp group here in my city that dealt with WordPress, I thought  ‘go for it’!  I sat at the first meeting knowing nothing but a year later things are starting to sink in, particularily the web language. I am not a computer geek, I just need to know how to get around this blogging job and what things I can add to it. The linking is one of them. Inserting my  photographs are another.

This summer is my summer of education. I have already attended a public speaking conference, helped at a Wordcamp for WordPress, taken a rug hooking course on the Grenfell method of hooking with nylon stockings and have signed up for another one in September that its dealing in buildings in landscapes. On the agenda this weekend is a one day workshop on using Photo Shop.

I don’t so all these things to just  ‘keep busy’. If it was only to ‘keep busy’ I could stay home and clean. I do them because I have immense curiosity and in some cases talent. I love to learn new things and I am just doing that. Blogging is a learning curve and my hope is to present thought provoking subjects that may interest you some of the time if not all of the time.

I have inserted this photograph of a cinnamon fern. It was on the side of a woods road just waiting for me to take it’s photo.  Anyone wanting to explore nature or join a group of nature enthusiasts only have to go to the Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society web page  or pick one in your state or province. There are always groups that want to explore the out of doors and they welcome beginners. That and photography are just two of my many varied interests.

Have a great summer, your Senior in the Kitchen


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