Bored equals Boring

Quite a few years ago I was helping teach at an overnight school  camp. I was certainly a volunteer and they had me and a friend  of mine be house parents  to girls from Grade 7. Our main role was to teach survival in the woods and that included how to use a compass and map. It was an experience and I came home so pleased that I was blessed with sons and not daughters.

I got to see and experience the social hierarchy of the girls in the grade 7 class. That is: which girls were considered cool and which were made fun of for having brains instead of dress sense.  It was bullying in disguise.

My job was to give a crash course in orienteering. That is using a compass to locate a flag like thing hanging from the tree and placed in the woods. By using the compass and a map they learned to locate said items. I didn’t have much time to teach this but I was on a role having put thru several groups and they all were either quick learners or I wasn’t a bad teacher.

Well , in walks two young-looking boys and one tall slim ,cool girl carrying her teddy bear tucked under her arm. She was the second coolest girl in grade 7 and had attitude by the truckload.  I had not  gotten  a word out of my mouth when she states ” This is boring !”. Did I mention that I had a quick temper ?  I instantly boiled at those words. I had never heard them come out of a teenager before and I had raised two. Without even thinking over my words I stunned this cool little  princess by turning to her and saying to her ” then dear you must be a very boring person”.  Oh, oh, I did it now!  But all things factored in, I couldn’t be fired from a volunteer job.  She didn’t say anything but when they were out on the course as a team, she took down one of the markers and buried it. She got her silent revenge.The next crew out reported it missing. All was sorted out in the end but I will never forget that statement she made and my response.

Do you have friends who tell you they are bored ? My siblings and I  never used that word growing up or we would have been given a chore immediately. Same with my sons. They always entertained themselves.  Even today , retired with no responsibilities I am never bored. There is always some hobby to occupy my time. Then again I’ve been told that I have Attention Deficit Disorder aka ADD. This is not official and I don’t care if I do. I always have lots of interests on the go.

Just think about the children and adults you know who say they are bored. Do you find them stimulating people? I sure don’t and now maybe you will look at them a bit different. Often they look for  you to entertain them but they in turn don’t entertain you.. That’s because they are boring people. I know I want to take them by the collar and shake some sense into them. They are wasting their lives by sitting and bemoaning the fact that they are bored.

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