Call Centres love ’em or hate them but regulate them

Call centres are a fact of life especially if you want to change an account , get directions on a product, well just name anything including interrupting supper. We are never getting rid of them as they are useful and necessary to business.

I sound all happy about them but I am not. I have a huge complaint and that is 90% of the time  when I have to call a company here in Canada  and I get someone in Asia or India or in one case South America. My complaint is that I can’t understand all of what they are saying. Some agents speak very good English but way too fast. Now I am older and just maybe the hearing is going so I’ll give them that excuse for me not understanding them. The agent I did understand was at a call centre in South America. I even told him how well he spoke. What a pleasure to understand him and what a pleasure that he understood me.

Recently I had to call Sirius Radio to discuss my billing. First I got an Asian call centre and shuddered when I had to explain my problem. He didn’t understand me anymore than I understood him but he realized it was a financial problem and transferred me and lo and behold an understandable voice came on the phone.  On enquiry I found this call centre to be in Canada. YEAH!

Sirius Radio serves Canada and the United States but where are their call centres? As of October of this year there will only be one in Canada. And this is where I feel there is a problem and not just with Sirius Radio.

I feel that there should be a certain percentage of call centres in North America for all companies who do business here. We certainly have the population and this population needs jobs. I’m not saying to take away all call centres in other parts of the world but we should have a fair ratio per business kept right here in North America.  It would be a win/win situation. This is something I feel our government should look into and not just look but build a policy to regulate it.

As a country we would be helping our population by providing entry-level employment which would contribute to the Canada pension fund and additional income tax revenue. We are losing out by millions and millions of dollars by letting this business escape overseas.

Our economy needs to keep  a large percentage of call centres in our country . This is what our elected officials should be taking a closer look at and acting upon to keep employment here or bring the centres home. Think about this and if you agree let your Member of Parliament know how you feel. The squeaky wheel gets the grease !

Your Senior in the Kitchen

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