Teach an old dog new tricks ?

In the month of May I had to take a trip to a conference. I registered late and missed my chance to travel with my usual friends so I made arrangements with a young man who  also decided at the last minute to attend. I mentioned to him that we would be paying full fee for the hotel and I don’t share a room so we were looking at big sleeping costs.  Not him! He had other ideas and said we could stay using Airbnb.  Never having heard of this company, he had to do a real sales pitch to get me interested.  This was out of my comfort zone for sure. I’m a hotel/motel sort of person so this was very new territory for me.

Well he showed me the destination Airbnb that we could stay at, not 15 minutes from our conference and less than half the price of the hotel. In fact we ended up with a ski chalet that could easily sleep 5. It was a whole house with 6 acres of land to wander around on and a fish pond.  For skeptical me this was almost too good to be true. Well this place was everything it was reported to be. This was ‘new trick’ # 1; try new types of travel accommodation.

New trick # 2  My co-driver was following the travel route by using a map feature on his  phone. I’m an old fashioned map user and good at it but my co-driver had only ever used his phone having never used a paper map or even followed the route signs! That last one shocked me and he got a lesson when we entered an area where there was no cell service. He got a bit upset and was really in the dark on how to find our way. I showed him the black and white route signs with the number on them and said follow them! That was new to him as he had  never followed them or read a paper map. The map feature on the phone works most everywhere and I can fully appreciate how good it could be in a city. But I am not going to give up my map reading yet but will make use of the map feature on my phone if need be.

Trick # 3   Never in my life have I checked out the ratings of a hotel, motel, restaurant or any other service. My co-driver doesn’t go anywhere without checking the ratings. This was new to me and maybe not so bad after all. It makes sense. I have to say, he did train me to leave a comment or rate a business after using one. I hadn’t realized how this young generation depends on ratings. I do now. Also I realize how connected the younger generation are to their cell phone.

A person  is never too old  to be open to new ideas and the tricks above. I love to keep learning and that is what I am doing thru the organizations I belong to as in Toastmasters International , WordPress Meetup group and CARP .

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