Pleasure Audit

Lately my  life was feeling more like work and not much pleasure and  that is when I came up with a plan to audit my pleasure activities vs my serious ones  I wanted to ensure that the balance wasn’t leaning too much towards the serious  side of life.

I am a senior, retired and trying to keep my life stress free as per the doctors orders. But serious somewhat stressful  activities seemed to creep into my social life and I realized I wasn’t laughing as much as I wanted too. So how to take an audit ?

First I made a long  list of all my activities outside of the home i.e.  Educational classes, exercise classes, church groups and craft groups  all count so add them to your own personal list.

My list looked like this:

  • Public speaking club ( meets 4x a month) after supper
  • Public speaking club ( meets 2x a month) after supper
  • Public speaking club (meets 2x a month) after supper
  • Rug hooking group (meets 4x a month but optional) morning
  • Cards (meets 4x a month but optional) after supper
  • Environmental group/board (meets 4x a year ) morning
  • Meet up WordPress group-educational (12x a year but optional )after supper
  • Wild Flower club/board  (meets 2x a year) supper meeting
  • Nature group/board ( meets 3x a year) morning to early afternoon

I suggest for you that you make  your list and then sit back and look at it and ask your self what YOU get out of these clubs, groups and boards. That is what I did and the first club on the list was eliminated. I liked the group and knew I would miss the members but what a relief  once I made the decision.  That group was seeming like a chore to me and I don’t need that in my life. It weighed me down emotionally.

Think of yourself at each one of your activities and reflect on how much you laugh and interact with the other participants. In my case it was easy. I wanted fun activities that when I left the group after each meeting that I had a smile on my face and reflected on the pleasure of the evening. Holding no responsibilities in these groups helps too!

My real fun and pleasure groups are the Rug hooking and Card groups. Still I figured I wasn’t having enough laughs so I joined another card group and added a dart group. These groups are optional attendance and that is a big plus when I only have to go when I feel like it. And the price is right. The card and dart groups cost $5 a night with the opportunity to win money or in the case of darts I have the chance to win meat. The Rug hooking group costs nothing but I make friends there.

My list is still looking a bit top-heavy on the serious side and  even now I am considering eliminating one of the boards I am still on.  What these have going for them is the fact that they don’t require much extra work and I really like the people.  I am not going to elimination  them  too soon.

The end result of this audit is for you and me to get a good mix of Community , Educational and Pleasure groups and activities. Good luck and enjoy the results. I know I am. Life is looking good!

Your senior in the kitchen.


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