Winter Hibernation

Some may ask what that means? It has meaning for those of us who live in countries with seasonal change, especially those with a cold, snowy winters. These countries have animals that come winter they will bury themselves in caves or in the ground and don’t come back to life until the weather warms up in the spring and there is food to eat. Their metabolism slows way down and they live on their own body fat.

I seem to do that. Well, I certainly have the body fat to sustain me and my metabolism is slow most of the time .  Yes, I still go out to functions but less so in the cold winter and I use many excuses not to go out of doors. We call this behaviour hibernation –  at least I do . Everything slows down even the desire to write such as for this blog. I apologize but oh my it does feel so good to draw back from the self made responsibilities I give myself. It is like a real holiday. Now this does’t mean that my brain is functioning less, no way,! I trundle along  still looking for blog topics, finding them and promptly forgetting them!  There is some merit in true writers always carrying around a notebook and  pencil to jot down those elusive thoughts. My self discipline is very lacking and this in its self could/would make a great blog topic someday.

Spring has now come to my area of the world. Some of the flowering shrubs are unfurling their petals preparing to go into full bloom  So it is my time to come out of the winter hibernation and start getting productive again. Stay tuned!



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