Give Credit Where Credit is Due

This title says it all but how many of us attend a well run event and come away thinking how well it went but never compliment the organizers.  Way too many times !

I grew up in a family that didn’t tell you how well you did an activity but certainly would tell you if things didn’t go well. In other words – no compliments of any kind. This spills over into your adult life and it is up to us to recognize the ‘no compliment’ ever and rectify that. In our family it was perceived that if you were given a compliment then your head would swell, you would feel good about your self  and one wouldn’t want to see that. Gasp!

Couldn’t have that. Well, that day has changed I hope. I learned first to give compliment to my sons but only if they earned them. I hope they are carrying this on and themselves spreading compliments. Now I give compliments to friends and event organizers. They always appreciate them.

I believe in giving honest compliments. How often to you see a baby and gush and say how cute or pretty the baby is when in fact the poor child  looks like it came thru a wringer washing machine ? One can say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but honesty sneaks in there too. Too many frivolous compliments end up sounding false after avwhile and then you have lost your creditability. Always be honest in your compliments and they will be appreciated. Give credit where credit is due!

Your senior in the kitchen.

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