Best Tasting Corn on the Cob

Here in North America we pride ourselves on enjoying a good corn boil and corn on the cob served any way you want. Now chefs have taken cooking cob corn to a whole new level – roasting, grilling steaming you name it.

I have my way to enjoy it and I get to taste every bit of the wonderful flavor. Many methods leech a lot of the succulent taste out of the corn in the cooking method or the cook adds other flavors that take away from the taste.I like my corn on the cob to be just plain corn  slathered with salted butter and maybe some added salt. I am making myself crave it as I write. ( I know what I am having for supper!)

My method is very simple and I am going to share it with you. This method is good if you are in a hurry to eat and especially great for singles, men and women. I’m one of the them so I know.


OK here is the method:

  • Take one ear of corn with the leaves still protecting it.
  • Start stripping the leaves off until you get to the very last layer to go. Leave that layer on. This very important that the corn is covered by at least on layer of leaves.
  • IMG_0440
  • Pull off the silk tassels as best you can.
  • Snap off the excessive stalk as there is no need for it.
  • Place as is in the microwave and cook on high for 5 minutes. Leave a few minutes to cool.
  • IMG_0441
  • Remove from the microwave (protect your hands as the corn is still hot) and start taking off the one layer of leaf that you have cooked it in. Also strip off the remaining silk tassels.
  • Put on plate and apply your butter liberally. Yum Yum. Enjoy.!


Why does this method produce such yummy tasting corn? The one layer of leaves that have been left on protects the corn so that no moisture  escapes the cooking cob and thus it retaines all the flavor. Other methods such as boiling has the flavor bleeding out into the boiling water.

For those who hate microwaves I can only suggest stripping the corn to a single layer of leaves and then wrap in tinfoil with the shiny side in and put in the oven, in my case it would be a toaster oven and cook for thirty minutes or more. The thirty minutes is just an estimate as I haven’t done this  so you will have to play with the timing.

Enjoy your corn on the cob!

Your senior in the kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Best Tasting Corn on the Cob

  1. Another way to get great corn is to put it in the microwave with all the greenery attached, but slice the big end off the corn cob before you cook it. Microwave five minutes or so and when a little cooler, you can push the cob out of the green, no silks no fuss.


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