Setting Goals. You are Never too Old.

Very recently I wrote to my son, who lives on the other side of the world from me, and told him I had to work on my goals for 2019 to which he replied ‘You’re over 70+ – what goals do you have ?’. In other words when you are senior you don’t need goals or don’t expect to achieve them. That’s how I took it.  I have news for him. My goals are just as serious as his.

When you are a retired senior it is important to have goals and dreams otherwise I fear that you may shrivel up and die. Life long learning fits in there somewhere too.

Goals don’t have to be complex or hard. Hard depends on your health mental and physical. Your goal may be just to walk to the end of your apartment hall and back or to the end of the block on a sidewalk. A couple of years ago I found it a real stretch to walk to the elevator. It exhausted me so you can imagine how I was grocery shopping. That wasn’t done any too often . Once I built up my strength I had no problem. Yes it took a couple of years but today I chug very swiftly to the elevator and am proud and grateful to have new strength. That was a goal achieved.

I had a goal to build more strength and I did it. Maybe not the first year but the second year saw it happen. Goals can be shifted and changed. Keep in mind that they are yours and you own them so you can change them to suit your circumstances.  I like to keep them simple but achievable and not burden myself with too many. Don’t make them a work project and don’t beat your self up if you get behind in them or abandon them. They are yours to do with what you wan! They are important to you and even if you don’t achieve one or two, so what. They are yours to do with what you want. A good point here is that even thou you may have pushed a goal or two off to one side you still wrote it down and it stays in your subconscious so you may yet go back to it.

One thing to remember with your goals, you are a winner even when you don’t accomplish one or more. You took a positive step and wrote it down. That counts for something. Your weren’t sitting in your chair with no thoughts and killing time until you die. It is never too late to do goals. Try it and see.

To my son who didn’t understand what possible goals I would make at this senior age I replied “My first goal is to continue to breathe every day” . We haven’t spoken on the subject since.!

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