Taking Control of Your Body

Yup the title is correct. It is our own responsibility to look after our selves.

This was brought home to me by my own doctor. I had figured it out quite some time ago but she confirmed it. She was putting my name in for a specialist and told me to phone that office in a week to make sure that they had received the request from her. In other words don’t leave your health to the chance of a computer glitch or staff missing the email with the request.

This brought to mind of when I had a heart valve replaced. I knew nothing about it, hadn’t researched it and didn’t know enough to strongly ask for better care. I can’t get back that time but since then I have spoken to many people with my problem and the last two times I ended up in the hospital I knew a lot more than I did the first time and boy did I ask about every thing they did to me or injected in me.  I also made them (the specialists doing the rounds) realize I was a person not a name on their flip chart.

Recently my blood sugar has been out of control so I went to see my doctor and asked her to send me to the diabetic clinic. She was most happy to. After all they are the experts. Don’t let your doctor talk you out of going further for more expert care. Some general physicians play God and don’t see the need past their care. By the time you do see a specialist using the God method than often your problem can be fatal. Many patients don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ with their doctor and for that reason they are playing with their own lives.

Taking control of your body can mean too that you start to look at your weight and life style. Yes my blood sugar was way too high one night and the next day I registered with Digital Weight Watchers and dug out my Nordic Walking Poles.  I know how to eat right but using the WW app on my phone, I found I was eating way too much butter and that single hamburger in the drive thru had enough calories to sustain me for the whole day. The butter has been controlled but oh so easy to go back to the bad habits.   Do I fall ‘ off the wagon’ in regards to this eating plan. Yes but I jump right back on. The  WW app is great as you can register everything you are eating  and it will tell you how much more you can have in a day. I like it because most fruit and vegetables don’t count towards the points/calories.

The activity part of the app is very useful  and yes my walking poles activity is even in there. I could go on and on about this app but I won’t.  I will do another post about the walking sticks but waiting to see what I can personally report. I hate programmed exercise so I am making the use of these poles more of a casual activity for now.

When I said take control of your health the other area is the pills you are prescribed. It doesn’t hurt to go over them once every six months with your pharmacy and even with your doctor. You may still be taking a pill that you don’t mean or was replaced with some other prescription and they haven’t cancelled the first one. I get blister packs done once a month and for each week there is a list of the pills, colour of them and other information. Look and compare to what is in the pack. I like the list for taking to medical appointments where they ask for your list of drugs. I just hand them the list from the blister pack.

Be aware of the pills and what they are ment to do. Be aware of what you are eating and is it good for you. Be aware of your body and any new changes that need getting seen to. Make that appointment with the doctor to discuss your health. Keep it simple and sound like you do care about your health. Be informed !

Your Senior in the Kitchen on her way to better health !

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