As a senior, the general perception is that we should now sit back and enjoy life, doing nothing and having earned it… Booring ! Anyone who sits back and does nothing seems to depart this earth a lot sooner then the rest of us who are up to our armpits in projects, hopes and dreams.

Hopes, dreams and goals are what keep us alive and kicking. We don’t have time to die as we haven’t accomplished our goals yet.  Sounds extreme but no it is not. I’m sure there are no firm satistics on seniors living longer if they have goals and dreams but think among the people you know and which one gets the graveside service first. There are exceptions of course but I am speaking generalizations.

Years ago I had a client bring me his dog and he refused to lift it up on the table. This was after years of doing just that. I asked him why not and he explained that he had just hit sixty five years of age and retired, hence he was doing nothing to strain himself in his retirement. He died within a year of that conversation.

Where does that leave us. I firmly believe a person of senior age needs something to live for and that being a goal. Goals can be simple things, as in finishing a wood working project, a chrochet piece, a hooked rug, your memoirs any number of endevors. I have a cookbook to put together of my mothers cooking and exploits related to that. (She was a terrible cook at times)Who is it for? Not many for sure as there aren’t too many left in our family who gives a damn. My nieces would care and I doubt my son’t would but it is sitting there waiting for me to keep working on it.

I post this blog and that in it self is a goal. I am the worlds worst procrastinator and this blog is self directed. Let’s just say that no one will ever have to worry about too many posts from me.

I have to tell you about one senior who is exploring everything where her mind takes her. Her name is Esther and as a senior she became a trained chef. It doesn’t end there. She wants to have her own food truck and travel the country. As well she wants to be a Celebrity Chef. Will she do it? Wouldn’t surprise me. Her other goal is to have traveled to 74 countries and that is to be reached when she hits 74 years of age.  Thats not too far in the future and she is at 73  countries right now. Esther is to be admired for having the tenacity to get thru her culinary course with people the age of what her grandchildren could be if she had any.  She is to be admired and she sets a great example of what a senior could be doing.

Set your goals and dreams and live longer or at least not waiting to depart this life.

Your senior in the kitchen.


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