Where Did I Come From ?

“Where did I come from?”  was a question that my oldest son asked of me. He is over forty years old with a great work ethic and is very successful in his career. I didn’t think this was a strange question because one time I found my self asking the same question of my mother. I love to explore old dirt roads ,read a map, cook ,view how other people  and cultures within our country live and love.

I didn’t get this urge from my mother as she didn’t do any exploring and didn’t really have the curiosity or life  questions that I have. My father died when I was five but he had lived life to the fullest so I expect I got the exploratory gene from him. He also was involved in the politics of our province and was the middle man or go between of the two powerful parties. It was nothing to have one of the future premiers of the province knock on our front door, inquire if my father was home and if he was then my mother was told that he was to meet said politician at the bottom of the garden for a face to face meeting. She thought the whole secrecy thing silly. So you can see I came from a background of social conflict,one parent not wanting to ‘make waves’ and the other one ‘jumping right in’ politically.

In my son’s case I think he was referring to his work ethic. It was very strong. Some he got from me. I worked hard as a single parent having supported my boys 100% from the ages of just one and three years old and it wasn’t a free ride. With no financial support from their father it ment working very hard. I had my own business in the service industry and it just wasn’t easy.  The boys would ask about their father and I would tell them he was a good worker made lots of money but just simply didn’t know how to ‘keep it’. And that was the truth.

What my son did get to see was a grandmother who believed in hard work and making money and living carefully. She owned a couple of businesses, rental properties , a city home and a country home as well as some farm land. She had accumulated everything by her own hard work. Nothing was given to her. This is not to say that she didn’t have some help. She believed if you were family then you worked longer, harder and cheaper than the non-family staff. She felt it was fair as you were ‘family’. This was something my son didn’t see at first but did experience it a little later in his maturity. Very much an eye opener into family dynamics.

When I ask myself ‘where did I come from’ I can now answer that question. I feel we are a mixture of our parents, other family members and our own developed ethic. My son has gone way beyond anything I could have taught him. The one work ethic I hope I have instilled in him is morals. From what I see and hear that is him right now and I feel that he will be a moral , honest employee.  That is all I can wish for as a mother. Then I have done my job.

Senior in the Kitchen.






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