Being Housebound

What a times we are in! I don’t know about you but I am feeling like Im in jail and can’t come and go. But we can, just not around people.Of course the chances are greater the number of times we leave our safe environment that we will contract the horrible virus that is keeping the whole world hostage.

What to do to  not start to feel ‘hard done by’ ?  Im fortunate that my son and his family are visiting and now looks like I will have company for months to come. With him are two small children under five, meals to cook and drawers to tie down  to keep safe from little hands. I found out I don’t have a childproof household!

Back to feeling housebound.  Just some suggestions to accept it better.  One is to cook interesting meals and make a production of it. Have the whole family meet for supper at a set time. Everyone comes to the table dressed nicely and phone and toy free. They only thing they can bring is good humour and great conversation.Isn’t this a novel idea? In todays world everyone eating at the table at the same time just doesn’t seem to happen what with extra curricula activities every family member has.

This is a great time to enjoy your household, reconnect with the children, get everyone helping with household chores. Look at this time at home as an advantage, make the best of it and stay positive.

Your Seinior in the Kitchen


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