You’re Old but Don’t Have to Look It

I find the first sign of old age is a persons posture. Of course the face and hair are up there too but posture is what we are going to look at right now. It is all important. I had a great example in my life, my mother. She died when she was 91 and still stood absolutely straight.

Growing up my mother would get after us to walk straight and my oldest sister and myself would be quite often found walking around the house with a book on our head  It was a great way to practise keeping our backs straight.In my mothers youth her mother would hit her on the back if she saw her bent over or hunched over. Mom evolved into a kinder version and would just tell us to straighten up.

Now that I am a senior I notice the tendency to bend the shoulders forward when walking .Even in the car ,when driving, I have caught myself bending those shoulders forward. I often joke that I can tell a persons age by looking at their back and it is somewhat true.

The first way to reverse aging  is to consciously  keep your back straight.   I’m not saying it is the easiest thing to do  but hey it’s worth it.  If you physically look old , it makes it easier to  put you out ‘to pasture’. This is also good for your intake of oxygen. Holding yur shoulders back and standing straight opens up your airways. Air is what keeps us moving so this is a big benifit besides the good posture.

So how else do we hold off the tell tale signs of aging ?  Try walking at a faster pace and with more sureness in your step. As we age we seem to shorten our steps and don’t lift our feet very well.  I practise ‘picking up the pace’  in my apartment hallway. It may only be a short distance but still a good place to practise getting in the habit of walking younger.

These may seem like very simple changes but look around you and you will see what I mean about people walking ‘old’.  We don’t have to and besides it is good exercise to pick up the pace and to straighten the shoulders.  It is all win win!


Your Senior in the Kitchen.