This Corona Virus and Life After

Our lives have certainly upended themselves with this dreaded virus. Where I live we were ahead of it and a couple times life had almost gone back to normal and than some traveler flies in with the virus and back we go into quarantine. As I write this the virus has a firm foothold in our province and the only solution is in the words of our former Premier “stay the blazes home”!

Well Im doing that as are thousands of other residents. This is the only way to stop the spread of COVID-19 but boy it gets tedious to not have a social life.

My social life has been thru Zoom meetings and educational classes. Educational is showing and growing and there are wonderful classes out there. Better yet go to Youtube and type in your interest and bury yourself there for hours on end.

I think what I am trying to suggest is that in this free time we have on our hands, use it to accomplish projects and learn a new craft or hobby.. I belong to Toastmasters this being a leadership and speaking group which has a worldwide membership. They have been having Zoom meetings because of safely and they are working out better than fine. It has been giving members the opportunity to visit other clubs in many countries and feel very welcome.

Meeting online isn’t for everyone. And that is a shame. It is such a great way to stay in touch and the face to face speaking can fill the void that not having a real face to face offers. This virus is opening up opportunities for learning new skills on the computer. It is called growing.

There are so many online educational and craft tutorials. Some cost a lot and others are very reasonable or free. Personally I love the free classes . Often there is a hard sell at the end of a presentation but you don’t have to sign up for anything. Just take what is free and go from there.

One group that offers reasonable tutorials is Domestika. I signed up for one course but wasn’t that taken with the subject and went onto another course which interested me. The cost was reasonable enough that it didn’t hurt to make the change. Taking courses like these broadens your areas of expertise. One free class I take is on rughooking. This studio owner gives us thirty minutes of education and conversation once a week. She has hundreds sign in every week and the rug hooking enthusiasts are from all over the world. The owner always plugs her product but in a nice casual way that doesn’t offend. Her business is booming in this ‘lock down’ time because she gives of her time. It is a win win all the way.

In closing I suggest you explore new education and crafts on the internet and come out of this ‘lock down’ with new ideas and add ons to your job.

Your senior in the kitchen.