Fabulous Soft Boiled Eggs & Egg Cups

I love soft boiled eggs.  I remember them as being a special treat when I was quite young. I carried this favourite breakfast meal on to when I had young children.  Now as a very senior woman I consider it a treat when I cook them for myself. And it isn’t just the eggs but the fingers of warm buttered toast that accompany the eggs.These fingers of toast are  perfect for dipping into the hot egg yolk.

Everyone has their favourite way to cook soft boiled eggs but I experimented and came up with a fool proof method that I am sure I must read about. My way has me cutting into a runny yolk (the best kind for those toast fingers)  but you can cook a bit longer if you like them to have firmer yolks.

Take the eggs out of the refrigerator and cover them with cold water in a pot. Put them on a burner and turn up the heat. This is when it gets crucial to making the perfect egg. The minute the water comes to a boil set a timer for one minute.Start timing. After one minute spoon the eggs out of the boiling water and put in your egg cups. DONE  As easy as that! If you want a harder egg then cook for one minute and10 seconds longer or so As it is, I let the eggs sit in the egg cups while I get the toast and plates ready. Only at the last minute before serving I place the egg and cup on it’s side and whack the top off the egg revealing the yummy soft yolk.  I put a dab of butter on it and a small sprinkle of salt, put the whacked off top back on and now the eggs are ready for the table. Enjoy!


My egg cups are almost 40 years old and they came from a Tupperware party. You could say that they don’t owe me a thing. Talk about durable and dish washer safe. I have added some  photos of them and show the tool that I use to take the eggs out of the boiling water.

Your Senior in the kitchen.